SS State Child Stealing (The New Nazis.)

Child stealing (Nazis) on the news

Click link above – live footage of ‘social’ workers abducting a one day old baby followed by short news and statistics on this evil corruption of which Hitler would have been proud.

Also see follow-up news items below:-

Link below – interview with man who had his baby stolen.

(Please follow up by reading the chronology below of what the ss did to my family.)


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  1. When the SS turned up at our home to threaten and intimidate my sick child and me after making a complaint about sub standard care and the emotional and psychological abuse my child was subjected to at our local children`s hospital she said she felt like Anne Frank and felt as though she was waiting to be taken to a concentration camp . She asked me to hide her under the bath . She asked me to walk into an embassy . The last time I saw her in ” care ” she looked like a Belsen victim . All her hair had turned white and fallen out . She had head wounds and was covered in bruises and had severe weight loss . We were mocked by the SS who talked among each other saying things like ” I can`t see anything wrong with her hair can you Julie ?” and ” Her hair looks fine to me does it look fine to you Catherine ? ” . When I went to court for what should have been a re hearing ordered by Lord Justices from a superior court their order was ignored and I was tortured at this secret court . I was told to stand in the box and a woman approached with a lap top showing a picture of my child which was allegedly taken by a deputy mayor at an awards ceremony wearing a small disk of very blonde hair on her bald head . I was also given a picture of my child standing next to Lord Mayor and Labour minister for Childrens and Adults Social Care Mrs Roz Gladden wearing fake plaits in a different colur draped over her bald head and wearing clothing to conceal the severe weight loss and bruising . Every judge at every court I attended ignored the abuse of my child in ” care ” and ignored that she has been passed from one mystery doctor to another and been forced to have unwanted dangerous pharma drugs and vaccines without her consent and without my permission . That was in November 2015 . I have not seen her since . I sent an application to the ECHR and asked for a 39 emergency rule . I received a letter saying they had noted the evidence in the request for a 39 rule which clearly showed the most dreadful abuse of my child . I then received a letter to tell me my application had been refused because I sent too much paperwork . This means that we are both being denied the right to compensation for criminal medical negligence and educational neglect by the LA and therefore have no right to own wealth or property and because we have no human rights this makes us slaves with no more rights than farm animals .


    • I approved your comment. Not sure why it isn’t showing up on the site. It made me sad to read your story. They go to any lengths to cover-up their incompetence and corruption. I wish i had something useful to say or do that might help. Obviously your end result is a lot worse than mind, but i haven’t managed to make amny progress with compensation either. I’m sure no amount of money could compensate anyway.


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