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Child Stealing Stasi.

When the Berlin wall fell, the Stasi just expanded west. This is my family story of the three year state attack on my family by multiple agencies, the individual and collective corruption of most of those involved and the inbuilt extreme endemic, systemic corruption that drives them to destroy the lives of many thousands of innocent people and families every year.

 ss lebensborn



At the time of re-writing this version in early 2015, I’m aged forty-seven and my wife is forty-three. We have been together for twenty-three years. We have a twenty-one year old daughter who stayed with her grandparents when we moved away. She works in a brain injury unit, volunteers at a local hospital, and is in her second year studying psychology at university. It’s interesting to note that she is doing an Open University course. Originally, she was to be an on-campus student, but we had to use the savings originally allocated to her uni studies, to survive following the state attack on our family which provoked a move to Ireland.

We then had a son who would now be twenty years old. He died at five months old just sixty hours after a DPT vaccine. I investigated it further in 2010 and the health authority suspiciously withheld information. The story can be read at (or alternatively, i recently created a You-tube presentation at

or an interview i did with the ‘Vaxxed’ film team’s Polly Tommey in 2017  )

My second son is now nineteen, and following a criminal incident in which he was involved in early 2012, our problems began. He had always had socialisation problems and suffered from anxiety, but he was also relatively intelligent. Although he has never harmed anyone in his life, he is now entering his third year of detention in a secure psychiatric unit, and so I’m told, it is believed that he may commit crimes in the future by so-called ‘professionals.’

My third son was born in July 2012 and was stolen at birth following some very bizarre events that seemed to result from the point that my second son was arrested. It has taken us over two and a half years of court battles to disprove the lies against us and secure his return to our care.

Admittedly, in the distant past there were some difficult times. After my first sons death, we believe the stress she was under caused my wife’s brain hemorrhage just three months later. At the time she was pregnant with the son who is now detained. This was a devastating blow. She had to endure a long struggle to recovery and the combined disasters of twenty years ago impacted and reverberated upon our family like the ripples of a stone thrown in a pond. However, there was nothing of such a significance that warranted the state attack on my family that started in 2012. Social workers had visited a couple of times over the years and had actually helped a little immediately after the wife’s hemorrhage. After the death, I was not the help I should have been and sometimes drowned my sorrow and grief when I should have been more supportive at home. But all this had stopped seventeen years ago. We have no vices. We always worked, cared for our family and we lived in a pleasant village in the heart of rural England with good family support. I was involved in a few local and national political environmental and liberty campaigns, I’d stood for election once as an independent on environmental issues, and once for the Green Party. I used to get two letters published a week in local newspapers and occasionally in mainstream nationals too. I felt I had a knack of getting messages of truth underneath the mainstream censorship radar.

Times Pic.



The unwarranted state assault upon my family began on February 29th 2012. My fifteen year old (nearly sixteen year old) son was arrested following a raid from an army of police armed with Tazers and dogs. My five month pregnant wife had to cope with this shock alone as I was working. I was called home to find the house being completely ransacked by police. It was very frightening. My son then spent thirteen hours at the police station. It was eventually decided that he would be psychiatrically assessed. He had had some social anxiety problems for which I’d tried to get treatment over the last two years so I perhaps foolishly consented. I was shocked to hear police were talking of terrorism and conspiracy to murder charges. It later turned out that my son had put a threat on the internet and had some chemicals that could potentially be used to make gunpowder. He was one ingredient missing and perhaps had enough to make a firework. He had put a picture montage of himself on the internet with what turned out to be my legally held air pistol. I think he did exaggerate his mental health issue through fear as he’d never before been to a police station. He has never been a violent or aggressive person. I’d never even seen him swat a fly.  Despite a social worker lie that he would be assessed locally, he was sent a four hour drive away to Manchester, where he remained until July.

In March 2012 his psychiatrist told me he had Asperger’s and would be fit for release when a community support programme was set up. By March I’d started recording all conversations and I still have a recording of this one. The release and community support programme never happened.

Initially, he was an informal patient held by police bail conditions, he behaved well and was allowed trips out, yet when he tried to discharge himself in July, he was soon put on a section three and then bizarrely moved to a medium-secure in Birmingham. The authorities had also developed an unhealthy and unwarranted interest in my family by this time. In an effort to gain a hold over the family and therefore to get to the unborn baby, I believe that social services heavily influenced a forensic psychiatric assessment on my son which concluded he was a danger to the public. As I said, he had never shown any violent or aggressive inclinations, and he had no criminal history except for a couple of chats with the police. Without any explanation his trips out ended shortly before the move, even though he had behaved well, and up until late 2014, he was never given any hope of release. In early 2013 he became depressed and was put on psychotropic drugs. He then self-harmed which I believe was caused by a combination of the drugs, and the hopelessness he felt when he was charged under the Terrorism Act at that time. I’ll mention this again later on in the story. Local and national newspapers picked up on this story, the reporting of which was mostly very inaccurate.

At the time of my teenage son’s court hearing, my wife and i only just made it as we’d just flew from Ireland where we fled to in May 2012. National newspapers were there. We trusted none of them to write a straight report, and they didn’t. However, we did speak to David Brown from The Times and his report wasn’t bad. The main problem was the lack of detail, I expect due to space constraints.

Not that I condone it, but boys tend to play with fire and take an interest in pyrotechnics, but in my opinion, the only significant issue was that he had some indecent cartoon images on his computer depicting children. Some people say that as parents, we should have known what he was doing, but how many parents know what their mid-teenage children have on their computer. I suspect not very many. Also, his computer skills were way above ours, and we later learnt that it was encrypted in Russian, so there was little chance of us ever finding out what he was up to.




Going back to shortly after my teenage son’s arrest, a social worker called me promising to ‘help’ my son if he could visit our home. They paid a two hour visit in which they were very over-intrusive. They delved into the past, noting anything that can be turned into a negative, and they insinuated mental fragility based on wife’s hearing difficulty. My son was hardly mentioned. I’m not sure whether they already knew, or whether they noticed my wife was pregnant. It’s significant to mention that in no way was anything political discussed. The only opinion I expressed was that from conferences I’d attended, I had concerns about social workers taking children for the fostering and adoption businesses.

A few days later (26th March) phone calls began. A social worker was insistent that he assess us over our unborn child. I pointed out that there was no valid reason for this and the issue in question was my teenage son. Lacking in all empathy at our loss, he brought up a cot death that occurred following a vaccine eighteen years ago, now twenty years ago at the time of this re-write. I was extremely offended and began to suspect the motive of the shift of focus onto the baby as I was aware of endemic, systemic corruption that sees County Councils receiving central government money for meeting adoption targets, as well as the privatised multi-billion pound business that both fostering and adoption has become.

I have read of many cases where innocent families have had children taken and I had actually met many parents this had happened to at lectures and conferences I’d attended on social services corruption. No discussion or reassurance was ever given that my concerns were wrong, though the social worker later lied that he did discuss it with me in his report.

On another one of the numerous calls the social worker made to me, even though I’d told him it was distracting me from my driving work and causing potential danger to passengers, I made it perfectly clear that neither my wife or I consent to further assessment as there is no valid reason. I pointed out that we had a stable, debt free household, we had no vices, good support, in a nice area and we have never neglected or abused our children. In response, the social worker threatened that he would write a negative report without our input. This was witnessed by my daughter and her friend. I asked him not to call again as I was feeling harassed and the upsetting and threatening nuisance calls were a dangerous distraction. Past social service contact had attracted a barrage of telephone calls that had made me ill with stress so I didn’t want to go through that again. However many times I explained it to them, they did not seem to understand that my wife does not take calls due to her hearing difficulty. In an effort to prevent  further harassment, I changed my telephone number. I also made a complaint of unjustified  harassment and disability discrimination regarding my wife. (When he came to our house, my wife chose not to speak and the social worker had asked if she was okay in a very derogatory manner with his body language as if to insinuate mental fragility on her part.) I was shocked by the total lack of empathy and was very concerned about the stress being placed upon my wife.

Following the cot death of years ago, she had fallen pregnant again and then almost lost her own and the baby’s life when she had a brain haemorrhage. Regarding the current pregnancy, the hospital consultant had said that she shouldn’t be placed under any stress due to the chance of this re-occurring, yet the social worker not only ignored the concerns, he stepped up the levels of harassment on all fronts with lies, interference in the relationship between the midwife and my wife and accessing our medical records when we specifically did not consent.

Here’s a picture of the social worker (Robin Sturman-Coombs.) I believe he currently works as a lecturer at Northampton University. I find it of great concern that a man so lacking in morality that he will lie and endanger a pregnant woman and child’s life without any conscience, is now advising young people on how to behave in the same manner.

robin sturman coombs


A letter from my social workers manager (13-4-2012,) refuted my grounds for complaint and said they must assess any other children or unborn likely to suffer ‘significant harm’ or who require ‘safeguarding.’ This was extremely offensive as neither my wife or I had ever harmed anyone in our lives. My teenage son had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which is not caused by parental neglect, yet we were being vilified as if it was. An assessment of the baby was also wrongly justified by a social services lie that I sent my son an inappropriate book in hospital. To this day, having asked social services, police and the hospital on several occasions which book this was, I still haven’t had an answer. Perhaps this is because the allegation is false. As my son wants to study literature, I sent him some books to help with studies that are read by fourteen year olds in school. I sent ‘The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare,’ and ‘The Catcher In The Rye.’ A year after this, I was accused of sending him another inappropriate book, the title of which you will be most surprised about.


After we’d fled to Ireland in fear for the safety of my wife and child, (15th May 2012 – one day before the UK conference,)  a pre-conference report was delivered to our UK house that was entirely at odds with the truth, containing absolute lies, insinuations, exaggerations and twists. There were over fifty incorrect statements in total. Our daughter sent the report over to us. Most significantly, our views and political opinions were stated as reason for social services actions hence discrimination and persecution based on our beliefs. The report said that,

“The distrust and absolute scepticism expressed by Shaun towards the Authorities paints a concerning picture not only for the return of GW but also for the emotional welfare of Shaun and Nancy’s unborn child.”

“The beliefs and views expressed by Shaun and Nancy raise significant cause for concern.”

He ends his report saying, “The author of this report is of the view that Shaun and Nancy’s unborn child is at risk of Significant Harm..”

The point is that I did not express any political views except briefly regarding my concern on the state child stealing business, and my wife remained silent during their visit. And if we had have expressed political opinions, is that now a reason to be taking someone’s children for an alleged “risk of significant harm” which is criteria for child removal in the UK. Quite how an opinion that we didn’t even express can harm a child, I’m still waiting for an explanation of this over three years later. They also mentioned that I’d stood for election for UKIP, when I’d actually stood as an independent on environmental and liberty issues, and the second time for the Green Party.Election leaflet.

Social worker Sturman-Coombs repeatedly said in his statement that I had a problem with “State power,” yet I distinctly remember that those words or anything like them, had not passed my lips. Months later, I came to realise that his report was not based on anything I said, but must have been based on information he’d got from elsewhere such as the police or the UK Stasi equivalent, MAPPA. I found out that MAPPA were involved several weeks later. Wherever the information came from, it was very inaccurate and untrue.

There was a suggestion there was a “risk of significant harm” (criteria for child removal in the UK) to the baby. Because of this, it clearly backed up our fears that there was an agenda other than concern for the welfare of our unborn baby. We felt more justified in our move. The lies written in the report include an accusation that I have a drug habit, suggestions we are paranoid and mentally ill and we apparently neglected our unborn baby because we missed a scan. Obviously it is a mothers choice whether to have her baby scanned. There was no reason to anyway as there were no suspicions that there was any problem with the pregnancy. Most importantly, we actually missed the scan because we left the country shortly before the appointment, and that was only because of the harassment and the threat it presented to my wife and unborn child’s well-being. Here are some links to information we’d read on ultrasound scans from the respected publication, ‘Midwifery Today.’


There were other false and unfounded comments relating to politics and I’m allegedly violent, dominant and unpredictable, when quite the opposite is the actual truth. There were several other lies and leading insinuations. Following a Freedom Of Information request some months later we found that they had also said that I had firearms that I taught my children to use. In fact I had air guns, one of which my teenage son was allowed to legally use on my property and he’d been taught relevant safety procedures. He had social anxiety and was difficult to get out of his room. Shooting tin cans with the air pistol was one of the few pursuits that would persuade him out. We had permission from a local farmer to use his shed, and the law states that anyone over fourteen can legally use an air gun on private property with permission of the owner of the gun and property.

uk air gun laws

We missed two UK child protection conferences but I sent statements from Ireland to delay the authorities realising we had gone. This was the extent of our fear and we both needed a reprieve from the psychological bullying, trauma and harassment we were suffering. (At an Irish child protection conference in July 2012, a UK social worker admitted that supporting letters from our GPs were not read out at the UK conferences.) We also found out that the social worker had been liaising with the midwife behind our back and without our consent. He had also accessed our medical records even though we had stated in our meeting with him that he could not do so under any circumstances. There was nothing of interest on the medical records anyway, but we have strong feelings on state invasions of privacy. He apparently got around laws to protect confidential records by raising it to a ‘child protection issue.’ I was told by the GP practice that that then makes the GP practice obliged to give information. I know they did that reluctantly and I still believe that they were wrong because the regulations are that no one should not have been able to do this without our consent, even if it was a ‘child protection’ issue. I suspect that having raised it to a ‘child protection issue,’ and found nothing on the record of significance, the social worker probably then thought that he would need to justify his actions. I think that this may have been one of the reasons why he wrote such an untruthful, fabricated and exaggerated report about us.


On June 1st 2012, my eighteen year old daughter was at our UK address studying for her A levels. Two people arrived at the house repeatedly banging doors, windows and ringing the bell. They then waited in the street for over an hour. My daughter was so frightened she was crying and dare not leave the house. She called my parents. The strangers were social workers. My father informed them we had gone away and were possibly due to return that weekend. He reassured them we were safe and well. In spite of this, it turns out that the social worker, whom’ we’ve never met, reported my wife missing to the police. My daughter recorded this conversation on her phone. In spite of much evidence I later sent regarding numerous complaints, this was the only thing that they ever apologised for.

On June 2nd, having not yet been informed of the harassment my daughter had faced, I returned to the UK to collect belongings and attend an event with her in London. I also intended to attend a re-booked social service conference on the 8th in the hope that I could get a resolution that would make us feel safe to come back home. That my daughter had been frightened and harassed gave me little confidence that the relentless harassment would cease. My father then told me that the police wanted to talk to me. I had committed no crime but telephoned them. They were trying to find my wife. I reassured them she was fine, but they insisted we report to a police station. However, I had promised my wife not to disclose her location. Spotted by ANPR, I was pursued by police for the rest of the evening and had to go to a friends and later hide in the dark in my own house. I was very afraid and started to know what it felt like to be hunted. My parents were repeatedly bothered by police as to my whereabouts and my wife’s elderly and frail parents were harassed and frightened by police. We later found out that a social worker had reported my wife missing.

On June 3rd 2012, I still attended the event with my daughter but had booked an early return to Ireland as I was very afraid for my safety and could not take any more of the level of unjustified and relentless harassment from the authorities. I have a clean criminal record but was treated like a common criminal. My wife and I were now so afraid that we contemplated never living in the UK again. It felt that firstly there was the issue with my teenage son, then there was extreme harassment from UK social workers, and now my immediate family, the wider family, and the frail and elderly in-laws, were being harassed. Probably partially through the stress and worry, my wife’s elderly fathers health deteriorated  and he died two years later having never fulfilled his final wishes to meet his grandson.

On the trip with my daughter, I’d gone to London from Milton Keynes train station and was driving her back to Northampton when the police spotted my car and pulled me over. They’d obviously been told to look out for my registration as the police car had been initially going the other way and had turned around to pursue me. Although they listened to me phone my wife and were aware my father had also said we were not missing, they would not let me go until they had heard her promise to report to a local police station in Ireland. I’d read stories about the Stasi in Eastern Europe and now I felt something equally as evil and corrupt, if not worse, was happening to my family and I.

On June 4th 2012, I returned to Ireland and we fulfilled the condition that we report to Irish police, yet still the UK police harassed my daughter in the UK. Over a year later I found out from an FOI request I made that the UK authorities were not satisfied with our request to Irish police (as is our right) only to pass on that we were safe, but not to give our location away. Because they didn’t have our location, the social worker in the UK reported my wife missing a second time. This caused a lot more police harassment to our wider family as they looked for her even though they’d been told we were in Ireland. Both sets of parents were felt frightened and intimidated by police. They frightened my daughter into gaining access to my empty house which they searched. They also threatened to go through her phone and email records if she didn’t cooperate. A social service representative called my parents who were very upset by their relentless intrusions. They asked personal questions such as how my wife and I are funding our trip. For the record, we were funding it with life savings we had kept to help our children at university or for a house deposit – not that it was anyone’s business to ask.

With our location now known, UK social workers contacted Irish social services who were soon on our case armed with the pack of lies they’d been fed. We strongly suspected something was about to occur as there were a couple of odd callers at the house that were people who were checking us out. One claimed to be from TV licensing. Then I received a call from my wife while I was at the supermarket. She was so fearful she could hardly speak. I returned to find two policemen and two social workers in our house. It’s an absolute miracle that our baby ever survived the pregnancy with the level of undue stress and fear my wife was placed under. We will never forgive the threat they caused to hers and the baby’s health and we hope that one day the lying, corrupt and incompetent crooks that initially set the ball rolling for our lengthy nightmare, will face some justice.  Although it subsequently turned out to be to no avail, we chose to cooperate with the Irish as we could understand their concern having had a fabricated report thrust upon them.  We still lived in fear knowing that UK social services were behind the scenes pulling the strings, as they now effectively had us hunted down.

                                         COST TO THE FAMILY.

              The UK authorities heavy-handedness caused undue stress to my pregnant wife and was a potential threat to her and the unborn baby. Stress hormones can damage development and cause a life-time of problems for a child and after my new son’s birth in July, for the first couple of months he did show signs of extreme stress which the Irish authorities blamed onto us.

As a result of events, our new child had stolen from him a good family support network, our children in the UK lost our close parental support and were left without a family home should they need it. My daughter lost the funding we would have contributed to her university course and so she had to postpone it. Having formerly been a bright student with expected good results, she struggled with her A levels and had to re-take some.

My wife’s parents, due to their frailty, will never be able to travel to see the baby and my wife probably will not be able to be there for them in their old age. As mentioned, my wife’s father subsequently died in early 2015.  As I’m the only child, my parents have most likely lost their old age carer and we would never feel safe in allowing our new child to visit the UK. My wife and I have had to suffer the trauma of seeing our family destroyed, we had to give up our jobs, lose our home, lose our stability and lose easy contact with our children. Later on, we were virtually rendered unable to work in Ireland and the total financial cost by 2013 I estimate to be around £20,000. (Late 2014 – £50,000.)

By early July 20013 we still felt our baby was under threat due to the criminally corrupt way our family and unborn child have been harassed, threatened and abused by UK authorities.


               IN IRELAND.

Irish Child ‘Protection’ Conference.

Irish social services soon became heavily influenced by false information sent from the UK. On the 28th June 2012 the UK social worker Graham Jarvis (whom we’d never previously met and who had reported my wife missing) came to an Irish conference and presented an escalation of the previously mentioned falsehoods. A year later we actually received a begrudging written apology for this social workers behavior, as he had been the one who had scared my daughter in the UK by banging on windows and doors at our former UK residence. The more serious complaints were entirely ignored by the corrupt complaint process that we found was designed to absolve social workers and local councils of their responsibility for the harm that their errors and corruptions cause.

jarvis apology for site.

At the conference I’m again portrayed as violent and dominant. Everyone who knows me, knows is totally opposite to my actual character.. (Months later a parental assessment accuses me of not being assertive enough and in May 2013 it’s finally accepted that I’m not violent and never have been.) Again, they say I’m on class A drugs, yet in March 2013 my FOI request in the UK brings up documents from UK social services records stating that I stopped using drugs (not class A by the way,) in 1995.   FIND DOCUMENT

My teenage son’s Asperger diagnosis is mentioned although autistic disorders are not caused by parents. His social isolation is blamed on us although we’d gone to great lengths to get him to socialise. Also, contrary to social service allegations, months later I managed to get evidence proving we made great efforts to get him treated.  Not that I should have to prove anything, but the extract from the document below is a list of appointments at his GP practice prior to his arrest. We also took him to see a paedatrician, a psychiatric nurse, a psychiatrist and he went for a brain scan.

Gary doc appts 1

Gary doc appts 2

From the conference, we also found that moves were afoot for ‘shared parental responsibility’ although the UK social worker contradicted himself by saying there were no plans to take our baby into care, then he finished by saying that he thought the Irish social services should do so. As previously mentioned, some months later, following a freedom of information request, we found that after we’d fled to Ireland someone at Northants County Council had produced a document recommending that our baby should be taken into ‘care’ under the category of ‘neglect’ because we’d missed an ultra-sound scan. As most readers would know, ultra-sound scans are a matter of parental choice and there is no compulsion to have one. NEGLECT DOCUMENT There is also some evidence and opinion that ultrasound can be harmful to a developing foetus, which may cause permanent damage.

Again, no conscience or empathy was apparent from any social workers at the conference. We agreed to cooperate and to have a psychiatric assessment. (Cooperation is something done by mutual consent, but the social worker meaning of it seems to be to psychologically bully people to bend to their will.) We could understand an element of doubt from the Irish, but it would be obvious to anyone with a normal level of common sense and empathy that we were telling the truth. We felt unhappy that UK authorities still seemed to be pulling the strings and we wondered what was said when the UK social worker met the Irish ones for a coffee after the conference. I doubt he was happy that the general consensus had been not to take our child into care when born. However, if we didn’t already know it, we soon learnt that the words of social workers are not to be believed.

Visit From Teenage Daughter.

A visit from my eighteen year old daughter was even a problem as she’d been labelled a gibbering mental wreck by UK social workers. Despite some problems around age fourteen, she’d gone on to do her A levels, get a responsible job, a long-term relationship and she has been following a university course.


On the 2nd July 2012, we made an application for political asylum on advice from John Hemming MP. asylum application letter

This involved a lengthy wait at the local Garda (Irish police) station and then we were taken to the airport for processing and fingerprinting etc. Then there was a trip to Dublin (4-7-12) to further our asylum application, after a three hour wait, is refused on the grounds that EU citizens can only apply under exceptional circumstances.

asylum refusal

I argued that the circumstances were exceptional as my family and unborn child were under threat. We also sent a letter to appeal against the decision and John Hemming also kindly emailed the commissioner. Unfortunately it was to no avail which appeared to be in breach of their own guidelines.

Hemming appeal email

The application was based on comments in the UK social worker report that our political beliefs “painted a concerning picture for the return of the children.” John Hemming MP reviewed our documents and wrote a letter for us to present regarding this.

Hemming support letter

I’d also been labelled as a member of UKIP for whom I allegedly stood for election. I actually stood once as an independent, and once for the Green Party. In another UK social service case, a family had had their child taken for little more than their activism as anti-EU UKIP members. 


Aside from the asylum application, during the corrupt processes I was also accused on documents and in court of guilt by association as my teenage son had formerly had an interest in Nazi history. At the hospital where he was detained it also transpired that their documentation had me labelled as an extremist due to my former membership of an animal rights group. Although the group had always protested peacefully, I was falsely labelled extreme. Throughout the corrupt process, there were very many pieces of false information and false assumptions about my family and I. It’s always very difficult to work out from where such falsehoods originate and who is their author, but we do know that the UK equivalent of the Stasi (MAPPA) have been involved with my son in the UK. They are a completely unaccountable group consisting of police, social work and mental health services, and because they are unaccountable, they can get away with taking people out with impunity, detaining people without evidence, having people psychiatrically detained and they can fabricate information without providing an evidence trail.

Air Pistol Setback.

Before moving to Ireland, id legally brought an air pistol to replace the ones taken by police. Due to its value, I took it to Ireland with me. On the 11th July Irish Garda raided our Irish house searching for ‘firearms’ based on information received. I’ve since found out that UK police had been through our family internet activity, our Paypal accounts and bank accounts etc. Although the Irish say they worked it out themselves, I believe that the information came from UK police and then through UK social services as the transaction would be on my credit card record. What I didn’t know is that unfortunately, air guns are not legal in Ireland without a licence.

Although it was a restricted power air pistol which is very unlikely to cause any significant harm, the Garda then drove past our house every day as if there was a threat. This was very frightening and intimidating and it caused us, (particularly my pregnant wife,) a great deal of fear and anxiety. The normal procedure in Ireland is confiscation and a caution, yet I was subsequently prosecuted and fined almost two years later. Throughout court procedures, Irish social workers kept referring to the pistol as a high velocity rifle. Even after the Garda presented in court a ballistic report stating that it was a restricted power air pistol, the social workers still tried to make it something more sinister. This was because they wanted something to back up the false allegation they’d made that I’d said I wanted to commit ‘filicide.’

Filicide Lie.

On the 16-7-12 a summary meeting of the Irish conference still gave far too much credence to the fabrications passed on from the UK. In fact, from FOI requests a year later I found that there appeared to be a serious escalation in the nature of lies passed to the Irish from UK social services after they knew we had fled to Ireland. They are too numerous to mention, but I may add the documented evidence in the future.

We were forced to consent to a parental assessment and their summary ended with a threat of legal action if we didn’t comply, indicating the possible removal of our child from our care. They even verbally stated that it might look bad for us caring for our baby if we did not agree. We were still effectively being threatened based on lies from the UK. Although we pointed this out, they never carried out their own investigation into the truthfulness of hearsay from the UK or checked whether there was any actual evidence. It took them until early 2014 when they sent a social worker to the UK. She found that all of the social workers that dealt with us no longer worked there, they found an organisation in complete disarray and under investigation from OFSTED due to high levels of failings, incompetence and corruption in the child ‘protection’ department of Northants County council. Had they have done this earlier, perhaps our child would not have had to suffer three years of being separated from his family, and the obvious psychological trauma caused to both him and us as parents. See below for links regarding the OFSTED investigations of Northants County Council.

And a few more examples of corruption and incompetence at NCC –

On the 18-7-12 my visiting daughter was interviewed and I was questioned by the Irish social worker dealing with us. This was the first time I heard the completely ridiculous claim that they believed I might want to commit filicide. I was completely astounded by this crazy suggestion.

At Hospital And Birth.

Similarly to being bullied into consenting to a parental and psychiatric assessment, my wife was also bullied into accepting treatments at the Cork University Maternity Hospital. Because social workers knew of our wish to minimise unnecessary scans, they were very pushy in making us see the GP (which we’d already done anyway) and seeing the health visitor. The health visitor seemed very on edge when she visited our home before the birth. It was obvious that she’d been fed the same false information that had lead us to our dire predicament. The threat was there that if we didn’t have all recommended treatments then it might look bad for our child being allowed to be in our care. For this reason my wife was forced to undergo several very intrusive internal scans to which we dare not refuse. They were unnecessary because there was absolutely no indication that the pregnancy was not healthy . This was in spite of the pressure my wife had unduly been placed under.

My wife had expressly indicated that she did not want medication during the pregnancy process. In spite of her wishes the hospital midwives pressured her to have a drug to further induce the birth by dilating her cervix. We subsequently came to believe that they did this so that the birth happened in the early hours when the hospital was quiet.

On the 24-7-12 my baby son was born at 2.15am after a laborious labour. At approximately 3.30am several Garda and social workers took him away. When asked, they presented no paperwork of authority. It was also upsetting that the midwives manipulated the birth process and unlike us, were in on the fact that social workers and Garda would steal our son. We left hospital in disgust and were called later that morning to be given ten minutes notice to get to court which was twenty miles away.

I recently made FOI requests to the hospital and found that the hospital were very reluctant to go along with the plan to steal our baby at birth. In an email (below) to our social worker they had expressed concerns that it was not fully justified, stating that, “the evidence does not correlate with the extremity of removing a baby from its mother,” and there is, “no evidence of risk posed by this mother towards her baby.” To remedy this apprehension, the Irish social worker then made a further lie (also in an email obtained from an FOI request) that I had a heroin habit. As mentioned, my wife and i have no vices whatsoever and I’ve never even seen a piece of heroin.

Hospital concerns.


First Court Appearances.

Having been given ten minutes notice to get to court on the morning of the birth, and with no sleep, we managed to get to the city, parked up and found the district court house. My wife could hardly walk and was still leaking and in pain from the birth. No empathy whatsoever was shown by the social workers or the judge as we entered the court room just in time. Nancy had never been in a court before and neither had I, except for a speeding fine many years ago.

We were given a copy of the social workers report but were only given about two minutes to read it. Therefore we did not have time to take it in and ask appropriate questions to what we subsequently realised were a pack of lies and exaggerations written in it. An emergency care order was placed on our baby son and we were advised to seek legal aid. The day of our son’s birth should have been one of the happiest days of our life. These evil, lying scum bags made it one of the very worst that was equal in magnitude to one of the worst nightmares. I remember the social worker smiling at the end and saying “yes” with a hand gesticulation as if she’d just been told that she’d won the lottery.

Upon later reading, the social worker report contained untruths too numerous to mention. Our mental state was brought into question based on no evidence whatsoever. No actual evidence of anything was presented. The main excuse for taking our son was that he was allegedly in danger of harm as I’d allegedly made a threat to commit filicide. The social workers exact words were that , “Mr —— had made a threat to commit filicide in his last conversation with UK social worker, Robin Sturman-Coombs.” Since this allegation, despite my enquiries, it has never been verified whether the UK social worker made up this lie or not. I suspect he may have said something, but it’s more likely that the Irish social worker added her own words to try to justify what they did. It was absolutely untrue and I had evidence because I’d recorded every conversation with Robin Sturman-Coombs from March. In later court dates I presented the recordings to the judge and a transcript of the last conversation in which I’d supposedly made the threat. They never said whether they believed my evidence or not. They just quietly moved onto other excuses to keep our son in ‘care.’

The other main issue in the Irish social worker report to back up her lie was that the Garda found “a serious rifle in Mr ——- attic.” As mentioned, this was also later described as a high velocity rifle. As they well knew, and as was proven by a ballistic report, it was actually a restricted power air pistol used for target practice, that at best might stun a bird or rodent. It was legally held in the UK and I was unaware that a licence was required in Ireland. The usual procedure is a warning and confiscation. I was treated as if it was a real gun and was given a criminal record and fined for it in early 2014.

Legal Aid.

My wife and I were almost forced to get separate legal aid solicitors in case we split up. That’s not surprising as the pressure of an attack by social services ends in disaster for most couples.

I felt my legal aid solicitor didn’t initially believe me, but as time progressed she realised that I was telling the truth. However, she and the barrister she got on board, never really challenged the fact that our son was taken on a number of untruths in the social worker report. My wife’s solicitor seemed competent but treated my wife as if she was mentally feeble. Many so-called professionals treated her so and this is mainly due to her hearing impairment hence is effectively disability discrimination.

Against our better judgement, the legal teams tried to persuade us to consent to care orders in subsequent court dates. It is difficult to hear what is going on in court when the judge mumbles and the legal teams speak away from you as you sit behind them. My wife didn’t stand a chance and heard nothing. Her child was taken and she couldn’t even hear any proceedings. If that is not disability discrimination and a breach of her human rights, I don’t know what is. My barrister spoke for both of us on a couple of occasions saying that we consented to care orders when we did not, and certainly my wife never knowingly consented to any order, although it was assumed that she did purely because I’d been reluctantly persuaded on one occasion. The final straw with legal aid was when a stand-in was sent to replace my wife’s solicitor. The judge slapped a five month care order on us without any honest reasoning and the legal aid solicitor completely failed to challenge it or ask any questions.

Bessborough Parental Assessment.

As stated, we were threatened that things would look bad for the return of our son if we didn’t consent to a parental assessment and psychiatric report. We went on the assessment from August to the ends of October. It was the most corrupt and oppressive environment I had ever encountered. It was certainly worse than a prison. Our bags were searched every time before we entered. Active CCTV cameras monitored your every move from the corner of every room and every corridor that were watched by staff in a control room with a number of screens.

I was not impressed that the manager immediately started using NLP techniques at our initial meeting. My wife was allowed to stop with our son on the first night there. We had just come from a lengthy wait in court on that day. It was our son’s first time with Mum since he was stolen at birth. Wife and son were repeatedly awoken during the night by staff turning the light on. My son was unsettled. Staff lied that he was screaming and that my wife failed to hear him. This was then used to stop the overnight stays and then we only saw our son for just a few hours per week. He was stressed at some times and this was blamed on us yet it was obvious that his stress arose from the situation that they were imposing upon him. This was a newborn baby taken from his mother at birth. As if that wasn’t stress enough, he was then passed from pillar to post with repeated car journeys from the foster carter to the assessment centre. This was often with different drivers. It was completely inappropriate and very cruel to impose such a schedule on a newborn baby.

Corruptions at the parental assessment centre are too numerous to mention them all. But over the course of three months the routine was repeatedly changed to cause disruption. For two months we were not allowed anywhere except in the communal room and kitchen. We were not allowed outside. Even when we changed our son’s nappy , we were not allowed privacy and a staff member would closely observe within a metre distance. The whole atmosphere was very intimidating at all times.

My wife was not even allowed privacy to breast feed. She managed to breast feed a little and expressed some breast milk while we were at home as we were only allowed part time to see our son at Bessborough. The rest of the time he was given formula milk. Because of the situation, my wife’s milk flow reduced and she couldn’t provide enough milk so we also had to top him up with formula. The Bessborough staff lied that my wife had poor hygiene procedure regarding expressing breast milk and making formula. It was completely untrue. My son’s periods of stress continued. In collaberation with the social worker they made the ridiculous suggestion that it was because of the breast milk. We were then bullied into giving any breast milk. The whole situation at Bessborough was about breaking the maternal bond and causing as much pressure as possible on all family members so as to break us apart as a family. They said that the breast milk was causing colic. Even the health visitor agreed that all expert opinions say that breast milk is preferential for baby’s health. Not long after this, my son’s periods of stress continued and he was put onto soya based milk. I presented peer reviewed studies that state soya formula is not recommended for babies under six months yet they still went ahead with it. Because of its high oestrogen content, soya milk can permanently affect sexual development in males if given to small babies. Regarding this and many other issues, we were always threatened into silence by Bessborough staff and the social worker, that if we continued to argue that things would look bad for us. SOYA MILK STUDY

The manager of the parental assessment unit (Nichola O’Sullivan) I will name because she is an evil psychopath. She is one who uses her good looks to gain advantage and I suspect she fluttered her eyelashes to get the job in the first place. She certainly tried this when she lied in court about us. I’m not sure whether it impressed the judge, but I could certainly see straight through it. Some of the other Bessborough inmates had already told us to expect that she would tell us that she will speak positively in court, but then metaphorically stab us in the back on the day. That’s exactly what she did.

The Bessborough Centre was a very bizarre place. A former prostitute and drug user was treated with respect. She used to leave her child unattended while she took frequent cigarette breaks. There were others on which restrictions were very lax. Some were allowed to take photos of their children. We were not. It was as if some children were pre-targeted and the children of the more rough parents were not. While we were there, there were some very good mothers who were driven to a breakdown. One (I’ll call her K) was a loving and competent mother, yet by the end of our time at Bessborough they had reduced her to tears on most days, allowed her to be bullied by the other inmates, and she was bullied by staff. I think this was the plan with targeted children. It was to psychologically destroy parents and break the bond with their children. I know that K was so broken that she virtually gave up, hence another child is trafficked into the fostering business. I wonder if K consented to adoption. I saw her some months later and she said that she no longer sees her child. She was obviously still an emotional wreck and appeared to be on drugs. Similar stresses were placed on other mothers and my wife and I were also targeted in this way.

The second in command at the unit was another person I strongly suspect of psychopathy as she obviously used to take pleasure in psychologically abusing children and parents. Carmel Jennings was very influential at the unit and was feared by inmates and staff. She used to repeatedly criticise, even if it was advice she had offered. One example is that when my son was happily playing on the play mat, she would insist that I should put him into the pram to sleep, and when he was settled, she would insist that I unsettle him to give him ‘floor play.’ This was just one example of very many. When he became upset, then we would be blamed for it.

At Bessborough there was character assassination for everything that we did and said. One day I had a t-shirt with a picture of a TV and a caption “weapon of mass distraction.” This was in their report and presented in court as something negative and the re-worded it to “weapon of mass destruction.” I was also labelled as paranoid for not wanting to give my son the local tap water which contains the neuro-toxin fluoride. I would have given him quality mineral water for his formula but was bullied into using the tap water.

On another occasion we were bullied into taking my son to see the on-site GP, not because he was ill, but because the foster carer had a sore throat. My wife could quote many other examples of idiocy, bullying and corruption at Besborough, but they are too numerous to mention them all.

Another thing that came up was when my wife placed my son in the car seat and very gently bumped his head on the handle. It was a minor issue that hardly upset him and was not worthy of mention. However, the social worker later made a major issue of it when presenting it in her court report. As a brief aside from Bessborough, she came up with some other quite ridiculous remarks in court reports. One was that my wife did not wear a coat on a cold day during access. She failed to mention that this was because my wife had used her coat for my son who had turned up for access without a blanket. On another occasion my wife was criticised for not wearing socks. I think they were trying to present my wife as someone who did not have the competence to even dress herself. It was completely untrue. When I commissioned my own psychiatric report some months later, the same social worker accused me of guilt by association because the psychiatrist I used was an opinionated Muslim who she claimed was a political extremist. Whether or not he had extreme views was irrelevant anyway as I’d employed him for his expertise as a highly qualified psychiatrist.

We didn’t get a very good report from Bessborough. I believe they had been very negatively influenced by false information to start with. I do feel that they were part of the agenda to make sure we didn’t get our son back and perhaps traffick him into the fostering or adoption business. That we were at the assessment centre under duress didn’t make for a very good performance anyway. We could not just behave as if there was no problem when faced with such an extreme injustice to our son and to our family. It was unreasonable to expect us not to complain somewhat although we did make every effort to comply in the face of the adversity that was deliberately being imposed upon us.

Of all of the things that have happened to my wife and I, the Bessborough was the worst experience of our lives and the drive home from there was often in tears such was the extreme psychological abuse that we suffered and that we saw our baby son put through.

It’s interesting to note the history of the Bessborough Centre. It was formerly run (and is still owned by the catholic church) who now franchise it out to what is supposedly a private company. The private company are fed victims via the Irish social services. A few months after we went there, there was a huge scandal regarding Bessborough and similar formerly convent run homes historically being involved in child trafficking, thousands of dead children being buried under the grounds of the convent sites, and vaccine experiments being performed on the children without family consent.  See links below.

Nuns selling babies (Bessboro mentioned.)

800 babies in septic tank

Bessboro adoptions

Vaccine trials and mass graves – Bessboro

When these stories broke worldwide in 2013, there were even former Bessborough victims speaking on the radio about the bodies of dead children being buried at Bessborough. However, there has been no thorough investigation, no closure of the business and no excavation. I find this quite bizarre as if I had a premises where it was suspected that the bodies of dead children were buried, then my business would be closed and an investigation and excavation would take place. If anything was found, there would be prosecutions. Yet it’s business as usual at the Bessborough Centre. At this very moment some poor woman will be having her baby stolen and then the only option to secure her childs return will be for her to consent to an assessment at Bessborough and the extreme psychological abuse that goes with it. Of course this will all be rubber-stamped by the closed and secret family court system where any child can be stolen based only on social worker gossip and exaggerations.

In 2014 I contacted the local Garda and local media to ask why the scandal at Bessborough appears to have gone virtually un-investigated. I was not surprised to be met with a wall of silence. The catholic church are very powerful and influential.

Tavistock Psychoanalysis.

I found out that Bessborough has business links to Tavistock. The Tavistock Institute are responsible for international methods of corrupt mind control and propaganda etc. They trained infamous peole such as Adolf Hitler. LINK

Spawned from the Tavistock Institute is their medical arm known as Portman-Tavistock. They claim they are no longer connected to Tavistock, but their offices are housed in the same building. They also have a reputation in the UK for being hired by social services to write bent reports on parents who have their children targeted for the adoption business.

Initially, we were told that we could choose our own psychiatric assessor. However, when we went to Bessborough, we were told that the psychoanalysts from Tavistock in the UK would be sent over. We felt we had no choice but to agree as the usual threat was there that it would look bad for the return of our son if we didn’t. As Northants County Council have used Tavistock in the past, I also suspect that they influenced the decision to use their services.

Needless to say, the Tavistock report was quite negative. However, they did say that I was unlikely to commit filicide. Some months later I complained to the British Psychological Society and the British Medical Association about their dishonest conduct. The BMA completely fobbed off my complaint and the BPS at least said that I could re-open the complaint at a later stage. The difficulty was that I couldn’t offer detail and evidence about their lies for fear of punishment in the on-going court case for releasing any details of events in court. I have the evidence that they lied because I covertly recorded my meetings with them. I doubt if it’s worth re-opening the complaint, but I may do so as the psychoanalyst Carlos Fishman and Corinne Minne certainly deserve a lesson in honesty. They recommended that my son be put up for long-term fostering or adoption.


The psychological attack certainly worked to some extent. At the end of 2012 we became very disillusioned as it appeared that they had stolen our son and there was nothing we could do. Following the Bessborough nightmare, they arranged another child ‘protection’ conference. The list of attendees was completely different to what they said. They made sure the conference was loaded with people who would nod their heads to them. The social worker report was full of lies, twists on words and exaggerations, as was the Bessborough report. The social worker appointed in August 2012 had never even asked us what happened from our point of view, and has never asked since up until we parted with her company in mid-2015. She just re-gurgitated the same lies from the UK and believed without question the additions made by her colleagues. She even added a few of her own twists. The chair of the conference kept shutting us up every time we questioned a lie and after everyone had read their statements, she refused to let us read ours allegedly due to time concerns. It was a total set-up and the conference voted that they should apply for an eighteen year care order. My wife walked out of the conference before the end due to the corruptions and the fact that she was in tears.

We went back to the UK for Christmas thinking that it was game over. With that brief reprieve from the immense psychological abuse we had suffered, we collected our thoughts and got back into their loaded ring in fighting mood. The eighteen year care order turned into a three month one in the end. My wife went back to Ireland and took all of the limited accesses while she stayed in a B and B. I concluded the sale of our UK house and re-invested in a smaller one to let to tenants so that we had a small income. I later found that this was a mistake as it meant we were then denied state benefit in Ireland due to the equity in our house. I worked in my old job as a taxi driver until May 2013 and just visited my wife and son periodically, as well as several court dates. This was also used against us. They tried to present it as if I had abandoned my wife and son. Our social worker threatened that accesses would be reduced if we kept complaining about the injustice of the situation. We were only allowed limited supervised accesses. They did become slightly less restrictive and we were allowed to walk around a shopping centre. I think the lady who brought our son to us eventually realised the injustice in progress against my family and spoke in our favour when reporting back to the social workers.

The Other Psychiatric Reports.

I may have forgotten to mention that before the Tavistock report, I covertly commissioned my own psychiatric report with a well-known psychiatrist in County Clare (I’ll call him Dr B) who had formerly worked for the health service in Cork. Unfortunately my wife didn’t attend due to an over-running meeting and access. I chose to cut it short and see him. He found I had no psychiatric issues. Then when in the UK I had another assessment from a well qualified psychiatrist. He also wrote a very positive report. You’d think that two positive reports either side of the Tavistock report would discredit it somewhat. Instead, efforts were made to discredit the report I had had done in the UK. But rather than making it evidence based, instead they accused the Muslim psychiatrist (in his absence so he couldn’t respond) of being a political extremist. I was accused of being an extremist too, based only on guilt by association. To me, his political views, whether extreme or not, were irrelevant as I had chosen him based on his qualifications and his honest and fact based attitude. The judge also ordered me to have another assessment with Dr B as they wrongly claimed that I had not passed Dr B all of the relevant information. Dr B said to me that his opinion had not changed. The results of his second report were never presented, so I assume he kept his word on that.

Legal Representation.

There was much going back and forth between the UK and Ireland in the first half of 2013. At court dates on the 2nd of April and the 1st of May 2013, the court judge mentioned that he thought that I could be a competent carer. However, there was always an excuse not to give our son back. He supposed that I would spend time on political and social justice issues rather than care for my son, and commented that he felt that I would leave my son with my wife who he considered was not competent. The fact that she’d raised two children to adulthood was entirely ignored. It was on the April date that we decided to sack the incompetent legal aid team. Over this period the social worker happily produced a few of her negative and entirely un-evidenced opinions to ensure that things didn’t move too much our way. For example, her opinion was that the reason our teenage son got into trouble was because of his upbringing and not down to the fact he had had an undiagnosed autistic disorder.

One of the most upsetting false accusations was that we were responsible for our baby son’s death twenty years ago. He had died just two and a half days after a vaccination. My investigation some years later found the health authority trying to cover up information. This obviously made us more suspicious that the vaccine was implicated in his death. My research found plenty of evidence that DPT vaccine is synonymous with sudden infant death syndrome. Fortunately I’d kept all of the evidence and information I had. Also, while in the UK, I made an FOI request to the police which proved that my wife and I were never under any suspicion. We did manage to present this evidence to the court. That they would abuse his memory and our loss in this way, just shows how low they are prepared to stoop to steal a child and to win their case. The story of my son’s death can viewed in my interview with the ‘Vaxxed’ film team’s Polly Tommey at or be read at

The legal team was sacked in April 2013 and I self-represented for a few months. It was an obvious stress and I didn’t have much clue about legal procedures, but at least I was able to put across the truth of the matter and argue our corner. Due to her hearing impairment, my wife still heard very little during any court proceedings. It’s an absolute outrage that they can steal a woman’s child without her even being able to hear their warped reasoning. Furthermore, the judge almost entirely ignored my wife throughout. Sometimes my opinion differed from hers, but she never heard events, and if she did, she was never given the opportunity to properly air her point of view.

We went to the appeal court in July 2013. In spite of the fact that we had had the added stress of setting up and trying to run a shop business, I spent much time on putting together information for the appeal which was mainly based on discrimination by social workers, the Bessborough Centre and the court regarding her hearing impairment. I had some good evidence, as I had letters and emails from the local deaf association that requested my wife be given extra support to hear court proceedings. These requests had gone unheard. I also had a list of human rights and breaches of disability rights legislation. I think I should have presented my evidence for the judge to view before the court date. I wasn’t given the opportunity to present it on the day, and in court, the opposition solicitor gave the judge a brief warped version of events. He refused to proceed with the appeal and we were ushered out without even being allowed to speak or present any information. I certainly felt that perhaps this had been planned in advance.

The very next day after the failed appeal we were back in the district court. The judge and opposing legal team claimed they were unaware of the request for hearing support. My unheard evidence said otherwise. The judge then decided that a stenographer would be provided for future court dates. However, this was very sporadic hence my wife was still left without a means of following proceedings on many more court dates. At this particular court meeting, the judge also knew (or suspected) that I’d been in conversation with a man who had got his own child back and had also secured compensation. This man had been quite radical in representing himself and had won his case. The judge warned me off of having him as a McKenzie friend and said that he wouldn’t be allowed in court. I still don’t know how the judge knew I’d been in contact with him unless my communications were somehow monitored. Anyway, I  eventually get a McKenzie friend organisation that would help.

Earning A Living, Shop and Foster Carer Change.

Under the circumstances of assessments, reports, meetings, court dates and accesses, it was impossible to earn a living. We were unaware that we might be entitled to any state financial support, and then when we did find out that we might be, it was denied because we had equity in a UK house which I had bought thinking that the rental income might provide something on which to survive. It took a while to rent out and there were numerous maintenance costs hence it provided very little. We also tried a couple of jobs and made numerous applications. They failed because we couldn’t commit to regular times due to the situation, and if you’re honest that social services are involved with your family, then most employers will make an assumption that you are not a suitable employee.

Our losses were huge. Up until we got sporadic benefit payments at the beginning of 2014, I estimate that we were down around £40,000 in lost earnings and a minimum of £20,000 in savings we had to spend to live. Then we had a few handouts from family and friends. The St Vincent DePaul charity gave us some food parcels for a while. We had worked all of our lives up until this point, yet we were placed in two years of desperate struggle. I think that it is part of the agenda to steal children. They put as much pressure on parents as possible. Other things occurred such as other agencies being sent to our house. One example is that the customs and excise came down our quiet cul-de-sac to find my car which was still registered in the UK. I had to get it registered in Ireland which cost a substantial amount of money. No one usually gets bothered for being on British plates. They were obviously informed to deliberately make life more difficult.

When I re-joined my wife full-time in Ireland at the end of May 2013, we opened a second hand shop near the south-west coast. We and the shop were popular with the locals and we could have made a living. However, an increasing amount of court dates made this difficult. A shop needs to be open regular hours to make a profit. Also, our son was further traumatised by a change of foster carer in mid-2013. But rather than move him closer to us, the social workers moved him farther away to the town in which we’d originally lived. They knew we were on the west coast and could have transferred the case and found a foster carer nearby. Instead, we now had a sixty-four mile trek every time we attended access with our son. The new foster carer was okay and sometimes brought him a little closer, but the journey made life difficult and it meant that the shop had to be closed two days a week as well as other days for the mentioned court dates etc. It was very upsetting as the shop could have worked, but to be closer to our son, we moved it to the town where our son was placed and it closed just a few months later. We were promised more access if we moved closer. Eventually the access did improve, but we had to make concessions such as consenting to observations and parenting visits etc.

From early 2014 the financial situation improved as we managed to get state support. However, it was sporadic, so we still had periods of some financial difficulty. We certainly feel that if there was any justice, we should be entitled to compensation for our financial losses for the situation that was unduly imposed upon us. Then there’s the extra transport costs and expenses which should add up to a few thousand. The psychological and emotional harm caused to our son, us and the family is incalculable. It must be many thousands more, but money could never fully compensate for the outrageous amount of harm that they have caused us.

Teenage Son, Police and UK Complaints.

Briefly going back to the summer of 2012, I think I forgot to mention the extent of the police harassment that coincided with the social services attack. I mentioned the initial raid that saw my son arrested. Then after we’d fled to Ireland, the police threatened my daughter to gain entry to our empty house which they’d searched. After it became known where we were, they must have known that we had not left Ireland, yet four days after my son’s birth and virtual kidnap, UK police raided our UK home again, this time with the bomb squad. They had been the last people in there in June and they knew that my daughter (living just down the road) had a key. There was no valid reason for this. We could only assume that it was a further effort to intimidate and demoralise us. I later complained to the Police Complaints Commission about this, but they got out of it on a technicality about the timing of some paperwork sent. I since received compensation for the damage they did to our house though they said that it was only ‘a gesture of goodwill.’ The goodwill certainly wasn’t mutual.

My teenage son is still detained in a UK mental hospital at the time of writing this updated version of events. I have a voice recording of the hospital psychiatrist at the hospital where he was originally placed in Manchester. The psychiatrist clearly states (April 2012) that my son will be recommended for release pending a community support programme being put in place. However, following our move to Ireland, Northants social services in conjunction with MAPPA had another psychiatric assessment done by a supposedly independent forensic psychiatrist. They influenced the outcome of this assessment which stated that my son could be a future danger to the public. Having never harmed anyone and never having been in any significant trouble apart from the threat he put on the internet in February 2012, he was moved to a medium-secure hospital. It’s difficult to prove, but we are sure that he was been used as leverage to pressurise us and get to the baby.

There are too many things to mention, but communications with the new hospital deteriorated. Hospital documentation (obviously influenced by social services) labelled us with the same lies as passed over to Ireland. Subsequently we were not allowed to talk to our son without the calls being monitored. Eventually, we mutually agreed that to protect our privacies, we would no longer call. This was also because we found out that hospital staff were writing false accounts of conversations and taking words out of context etc. I made numerous complaints about this and the fact that they said a Bible that I sent my son was an “inappropriate book.” The mind boggles at that one, but at least they knew the title of this inappropriate book, unlike the one I’d allegedly sent some months earlier. The hospital never listened to any of our concerns about our son. He was put on drugs in early 2013 after much persuasion to consent. Having never done anything like it before, he self-harmed. This is a known effect of the drug they gave him, but rather than stop the drug, they increased its dosage and gave him another drug. I made numerous complaints about the issues described, but as anyone who has been through government complaints processes will know, it is a complete waste of time and everything is side-stepped, ignored or words are twisted.

My teenage son had initially pictured himself on the internet with a couple of air guns and had said he wanted to blow up his school. He was subsequently found with enough chemicals to make a firework and one ingredient was missing. After months of examination of his computer, he had some distasteful porn, publications such as the ‘Anarchists Cookbook’ and his personal diaries contained lists of people he said he wanted to kill. In my opinion, what he was doing was wrong, but the computer evidence is not evidence of actual intent. Decades ago, such crimes would have been laughed at and a caution would have probably been given. However, he was the youngest person to be prosecuted under the Terrorism Act and he got a six month hospital order in early 2013. By mid-2015, he is now in his fourth year in hospital. Despite no history of violence, no previous convictions and relatively good behaviour, he has been given little hope of release any time soon. He has recently been moved to a slightly less secure environment. Any time that I commented that it seems highly inappropriate for a young man to be detained for so long with no history of violence and diagnosed with a mild autistic disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome,) my comments were relayed back to the care issue in Ireland and brought up in court. They twisted my words to say that my opinion was that my son had “done nothing wrong.” This I never said, but my whole family and anyone that knows my son, knows that the whole thing has been blown ridiculously out of proportion. With the loss of everything he once knew, he has paid a high price for his vastly exaggerated crime.

With a three year nightmare in Ireland and my son’s nightmare in the UK, it has been very difficult to deal with both issues. Obviously protection of the most vulnerable was the priority. However, I still spent much time researching, complaining and trying to help my hospitalized son. It really has been all to no avail, and though we did our best, it still feels as if we have let him down in some way because he still has no freedom and no resolution in sight. I hold the systemic corruption and those who perpetrated the Stasi style attack on my family fully responsible. It’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to bring all of those involved to any justice. I hope that there is some divine retribution for them followed by an eternity in hell where they belong.

McKenzie Friends.

Going back to Ireland and the care issue, I mentioned I’d generally discussed the issue with a man who had succeeded in getting his child back and winning compensation. It is difficult to discuss with anyone as the court system repeatedly threaten that if you discuss any court events, then you are breaking their pseudo-law. It is obviously a way to silence people from exposing the gross corruption that occurs in child ‘protection’ and the family courts. As mentioned, i never mentioned my contact with this man to anyone, yet somehow the judge knew or guessed I’d spoken to him and warned me off of any further contact or considering him to be a McKenzie friend. The judge said that he would not be allowed in court.

After my period of self-representation, I was then put onto a McKenzie friend organisation. They were a big help and assisted with advice on writing up court applications and the procedure to get them into the court. They were also a big help in that they came to the court waiting room with us. It might not seem very much, but to know that there was someone there who was on our side and could see the corruption, was an immense help and encouragement. The judge was absolutely determined to prevent them from assisting in court, particularly when he found out that two of them actually had some legal qualifications. The person who was actually assist in court never even got a chance to get anywhere near. Instead, the two people who were assisting with moral support from the waiting room, were dragged into the court room and basically character assassinated by the judge and opposition solicitor. Both, on two separate court occasions, were visibly upset by the manner in which they were attacked.

We were never allowed a chosen McKenzie friend to support us in court hence I had to continue self-representing for a while. During the summer and autumn of 2013, the social worker was ill. This was one of the excuses for various adjournments and care order extensions. Instead of appointing another social worker, our son was left without one, yet he remained in ‘care’ and subject to care orders.

Our support team suggested that it might be beneficial if we got a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) on board. By late autumn we managed to get this approved. We had great reservations about having a Barnardos GAL to supposedly work in the best interest of the child. Our concerns were due to the fact that there are factions within Barnardos that are heavily connected to the state sponsored child trafficking business through social services. Anyway, she turned out to be quite straight and recognised that for our son to be returned to his family was the best option for him.

We also persuaded the judge to authorise payment for another psychological assessment with a team of our choice. Although the judge should have implemented some justice within the early months, at least now there was a glimmer of hope as he had authorised the GAL appointment and psychological assessment. However, when I asked why he had backtracked on his word (of some months earlier) that I would be a suitable carer, he said that I couldn’t care for my son because I had a misplaced confidence in my wife’s ability. This was complete rubbish. She has been a good mother to my other children and at the time of writing, she has proved to be an excellent mother to my baby son. All along they have exaggerated issues relating to a brain hemorrhage she had twenty years ago, and have discriminated by insinuating her hearing difficulty is a lack of mental capacity. It’s an outrage that they should have the audacity to discriminate in this way and that they will probably never face any justice for it. They particularly shifted focus onto my wife at the beginning of 2013, after I had discredited their attack on me by making a complete mockery of  their Tavistock psychiatric report.

Toward the end of 2013 and into early 2014, access very gradually began to improve, although we had to jump through numerous hoops to get it. Our baby son visited at home without supervision. The GAL was a big help in pushing things forward with this. The social work department did not make an issue of our reluctance to allow our son to be vaccinated. We eventually opted for a homeopathic alternative.

The GAL planned a spring 2014 trip to Northants County Council to finally ascertain if there was any foundation to allegations they’d initially made about my family and I. Having not questioned us at all, or ever viewing any evidence, the social worker decided to go with the GAL. We were very concerned that they would return with another escalation of lies and fabrication. However, I think they were shocked at the shambles that NCC social work department is. They found a chaotic organisation that was being investigated for incompetence, negligence and corruption by OFSTED. None of the social workers who had happily participated in ruining our lives were working there any longer. I think the visit confirmed to the Irish social services that their course of action wasn’t justifiable. Of course they will never admit it. And when they reported back to court, I think the court realised it too. The UK visit was significant as had they carried out this visit in the first place, then perhaps they wouldn’t have found it necessary to keep my son in ‘care’ for nearly three years. It proves a major piece of incompetence on their part as they had never previously bothered to verify and evidence the truthfulness of anything they had been told by the UK authorities.

Legal Team On-board.

By spring 2014 we had managed to get a legal team on board who worked on a semi-pro-bono arrangement in that they accepted a relatively small one-off fixed payment for their services. Although I dislike professional lawyers due to their necessity to adhere to systemic guidelines, we felt they were needed to push to get things to come to a head and to secure our son back into our care. If left only to the social workers, their legal team and court, I think they would have continued to drag it out for even longer because they knew they were wrong and were never going to admit it.

Latest Psychology Report.

The new psychological assessment also caused delays as the head psychologist went on a lengthy break. The initial draft report was given to the judge. It wasn’t as positive as they’d lead us to believe, but I think it was good enough to work favourably. However, the allegedly ‘independent’ report was soon heavily tarnished when the psychologist agreed to meet with the social worker. When the final draft was presented to court, it was somewhat more negative, particularly about my wife. There were several falsehoods in it too. We were extremely disappointed in the psychologist as he had initially seemed honest. We wondered how the social worker had managed to get to him.

As it turned out, the fact he’d changed his report worked in our favour. The court judge commented that the report was hardly independent any more. When questioning the psychologist, he also highlighted some obvious discrepancies which the psychologist couldn’t very well explain. At this same court meeting, our barrister did some good work and managed to secure a significant move to fully return our son to our care with more access and overnight stays.

In August 2014 our solicitor received a letter from the social services solicitor. It was trying to strike a deal that if we cooperate with therapeutic services then they would move our son back into our care over several months. We were outraged by this due to the time length given, the fact that we had no reason to believe they would keep their end of the deal, and the way they were forcing unwanted and unnecessary services on us. The reason they were doing it this way was obviously so that they could back out gracefully and paint a picture for future references that it was necessary to provide these services to us. In doing it that way they will be able to claim that we needed help via therapy etc, and they did their job by providing that support. It was also worded as if to suggest that we were un-cooperative, when in fact we have numerous examples of lack of cooperation and failures in communications from the social work department. Here’s an extract from the letter. ” A period of time would be required to identify the professionals, ensure they are in a position to work with your clients and commence therapeutic support. The CFA will need consent to engage with the therapists providing the support, to ensure that there is appropriate engagement. Subject to this taking place, the CFA are willing to review the situation again in the future. There  needs to meaningful engagement by your clients with the professionals and meaningful engagement with the Social Work Department.


If your clients are agreeable to this, the CFA intend applying to extend the Care Order for a period of 8 months to allow such appropriate referrals  and therapeutic intervention take place.

Our legal team persuaded us to accept a watered down version. The care order wasn’t so lengthy, but we did have to consent to counselling and further visits from a parenting lady. It was very upsetting to have to make such concessions to these corrupt child stealing crooks, but we took the professional advice of our legal team that it was the best way to get our son back with us. At two and a half years of undue disruption to the start of his life, we had to consider that the sooner he was with us, the sooner his psychological trauma at the hands of these criminals would be over. It was also upsetting that by striking a deal, it got the social worker off the hook from being questioned by us.

That deal was struck in September 2014 and over the next few months we were surprised that the social service department did not cause any problems. In fact, they helped for the first time by writing a letter in favour of our benefit claim. They also didn’t stand in the way of us buying a house and moving to Ireland’s West coast. No disrespect to the counsellor, but we wasted our timer attending counselling, and at least found it an opportunity to convey a few truths to a listening ear about the numerous corruptions that had occurred.

Partial Justice At Last.


By early February we had our son back in our care full time. However, the good news had been somewhat marred by the death of my wife’s father. His wishes in the last few months had been to meet his grandson, but despite us mentioning it, no arrangements were made by social workers to authorise a trip to the UK. We feel very bitter and angry about this.

In November 2014 we’d sold our UK house and as I said we re-invested the equity in a home on the west coast. There was a crash in the value of the pound at the time of the money transfer hence we lost around six thousand euros. This was another financial loss that most probably wouldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for the situation they unduly imposed upon us. Positively, we got a place in a beautiful area with almost an acre of reasonable quality land. From February 2015 we spent six months renovating the house and garden so that our son should have a reasonable quality and secure home for the foreseeable future.

Even though we had our son with us in early 2015, the care order was until March. The date passed and there were repeated adjournments until mid-May. We assumed that another care order was in place during this period. (Our solicitor had attended court without us,) but it later transpired that our son was no longer under any care order. They dropped their application for a supervision order hence things finally fizzled out from their end and our son was back where he belongs with his loving family.




There are a lot more documents and examples of lies and corruptions I could add, but if you’ve got this far through reading it, I’ll spare you a more lengthy story.  We were obviously pleased that our son had finally been given back the settled family life he deserves. However we are angry about the way it was done, in that neither the court or social services make any admission that they were wrong. I suppose that the fact that we have got our son back is the best admission of error, (incompetence or corruption) on their part that we will ever get.


If there was any justice, we would be compensated. As I said, the psychological and emotional harm to my son by stealing him at birth, passing him between foster carers and passing him from pillar to post between different people and at the extremely corrupt assessment centre, is incalculable. The disruption, turmoil, psychological and emotional abuse for us as parents is also difficult to quantify in financial terms. I would suggest hundreds of thousands plus many thousands more in lost earnings and other costs. However, I don’t expect any apology or payout as the system is stacked against ordinary individuals ever getting any justice.

What I find most upsetting is that the vast majority of so-called ‘professionals’ work within an extremely corrupt system, but they fail miserably to do anything about it. From social workers, to psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers and the court system, the picture is the same. They all feed off of a vast gravy-train that in turn feeds off of the destruction of families and the trafficking of innocent children into the privatised, profit-making fostering and adoption businesses.

Twice we have had social workers excuse their behaviour by saying that, “I’m just doing my job.” I expect that’s what they might have said at Nazi concentration camps. And talking of Nazis, if anyone does the research on the taking of children for Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany, they will find many similarities with today’s child ‘protection’ system. Those in the system should consider what happened at the Nuremberg Trials after the war. The excuse of following orders was not given any credibility and some of the criminals were subsequently executed. My opinion is that it’s no more than they deserve as unduly taking the young of any creature, human or otherwise, is one of the most despicable and cruel crimes possible.


Through their training many ‘professionals’ are indoctrinated into a very corrupt system. I suspect that they often don’t realise exactly how much harm they cause to children, families and the knock-on effect to the wider society. At the very least it is taxpayer money that often unwittingly pays for them to continue their criminality. I suspect others do know what corruption they are engaged in, but do not do anything about it for fear of upsetting colleagues or losing their nicely paid jobs and pensions. These are the worst kind of people except for that small minority of primary psychopaths who enjoy their destructive work. Those that stand by and knowingly allow this corruption to continue and knowingly engage in the systemic corruption are equally criminally responsible. Sometimes there is genuine abuse and a case for interventions. But from all of the cases I’ve researched and the hundreds of people I’ve discussed it with over the last few years, I’ve found that the vast majority of children are taken unduly and would have been better off with family. As well as the blatant corruption, lies, perjury and psychological manipulations that social workers use to steal children, I think that often children are taken to err on the side of caution. That overly cautious attitude is the cause of such immense harm as it often destroys the family and ruins a child’s life.


Some social workers also exploit the fact that in many cases their false allegations cause a self-fulfilling prophecy. When an intervention occurs in a reasonably functional family, it causes such disruption to the family that the family then breaks down. Jobs are lost, some people are driven to mental illness, drink and drugs etc. These are usually the very things that social workers falsely accuse people of hence the self-fulfilling prophecy which to the outside world makes them look justified in their actions.


In our case and many others, from an initial incident, a huge web of negative gossip and Chinese whispers is built up between ‘professionals.’ There are no words strong enough to explain such an outrage. Sadly many people don’t believe that such evil can occur unless it happens to them.


I was a taxi driver in the UK for twelve years, and I met people from all walks of life including drug, dealers, prostitutes and murderers etc. Of all the people I met, including some quite hard core criminals, I have to say that they were nothing compared to the evil and criminality of most social workers.


I hope that one day there will be some justice for all of the many thousands of children’s lives that have been destroyed by undue removal from their parents. And I hope that one day there will be justice for all of their families. Certainly things are worse in the UK as children can be stolen for the adoption business in a matter of weeks. Parents and family are given something much worse than a life sentence as they can live the rest of their days never knowing what became of their child. My family and I have been through a lengthy and immense period of unduly imposed stress and loss, but compared to most, I suppose we could consider ourselves lucky that our son is back with us. In spite of the immense disruption to his life, he is healthy, resilient and happily still oblivious to what happened. Thank God for that, but If anyone reads to the end of this story, please do whatever you can to expose this and bring to an end the state/corporate child trafficking business. It could be your family next. LINKS




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