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Death By Lethal Injection?

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This is the story of my son, Craig. It’s a fairly short story due to his untimely death at five months old following two vaccinations, one being a Diptheria, Pertussis (whooping cough,) and Tetanus triple vaccine, and the other being for Haemophilus Influenza B (Hib). The Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus or DPT vaccine is the one of most concern.
Craig, the second child of my partner and I, was born on just past midnight on the 17th December 1994. I had some concerns at his birth, though I don’t believe these had an impact on events a few months later. Following a long labour, the midwife had been telling my wife to push the baby out. She wasn’t dilated enough and this caused my son’s skull to be misshapen when he finally emerged. I was told that this was not an uncommon event and indeed, as per their promise, his skull soon returned to a more normal shape.
Craig was a healthy baby and it wasn’t long before the nurse came round to inject him with vitamin K. It had never been explained why children should be injected with this shortly after birth and I did question why, only to be put in my place by the nurse who made me feel as if I was in the way of normal procedures and shouldn’t be asking awkward questions. Anyway, this caused no problem except to make me feel small and foolish, though even to this day I can’t see the point of vitamin K when humanity has successfully survived for millions of years without it.
Craig’s life went very well over the next few months. He was a good looking, healthy baby who appeared to be normal in every way and like most babies, he began the usual course of vaccinations. I’ve since found out that some doctors believe that the amount of vaccines a child receives ( well into double figures,) between birth and school starting age can overwhelm the immune system. He received vaccinations without any apparent problems including Hib, Polio and DPT which are given in three separate stages spaced over several weeks.
On the 19th of May 1995 I returned home in the very early evening having been to see a friend after work. Unusually, the house was empty, and I’d not been home for long when a neighbour called to tell me that my son had been rushed to hospital. At the hospital I was informed that my son was in a comatose state in intensive care. This was before mobile telephones became affordable so no one had been able to contact me. That afternoon my wife had encountered difficulty with my son as he wouldn’t stop crying in spite of the usual attentions such as cuddles, feeding and nappy change. She’d placed him in his cot upstairs in the hope that he would calm down. Against our better judgement we took the advice of the health authorities on this. When my first child was a baby on several occasions she had cried uncontrollably, and the advice we were given from numerous calls to the NHS helpline, if all else had failed, was to place the baby in the cot and leave the room. My wife had placed Craig in his cot and was relieved when he stopped crying. She didn’t go back to the room for a while for fear of disturbing him. She left him for approximately twenty-five minutes but soon became concerned that things were a little too quiet. Upon her return to the room she found my son not breathing, an unusual colour and slightly wedged between the mattress and cot side. We were later told by the paediatrician who dealt with my son that it was unlikely that his position in the cot would have caused him to stop breathing. In obvious shock and panic, my wife took my son around to the next door neighbour. The neighbour, to no avail, gave my son mouth to mouth resuscitation and called an ambulance. The ambulance arrived after fifteen minutes ( not a quick response though it must have been around rush hour time,) and finding that Craig’s heart had stopped, they injected his heart with adrenalin and rushed him to hospital. Although his heart began to beat, I believe he had already died at this point.
Craig was moved to a children’s ward where he was obviously gravely ill with a ventilator in his mouth and wires and pipes across his body. I recently obtained a copy of his hospital records and found that his left lung had “completely collapsed due to the tip of the ET tube being at the entrance of the right main bronchus.” We were not made aware of this at the time. I doubt he stood much chance of recovery anyway, but a collapsed lung caused in error would have made his chances much worse.
Over the next few days it looked increasingly unlikely that Craig had any hope of survival. His brain had been severely damaged due to oxygen starvation from when he had stopped breathing and his heart had failed. (Some years later In my subsequent research, i found that the pertussis element of the DPT vaccine can also be responsible for brain swelling.) I don’t think that my wife and I were in any fit mental state to make any life or death decisions, but it was put to us that it might be time to turn the ventilator off as there was little hope. We agreed to this and also agreed to allow his liver to be donated. Craig was officially dead.
It crossed our minds that maybe the vaccination Craig was given three days before he stopped breathing might have had an impact on his death. This was before the days of internet access for all, so not having any computer skills or access and suffering from the devastating grief of our son’s death, we had no choice but to rely on the words of the doctors to advise us on this. The consultant paediatrician did not mention any connection, though being an educated expert I would have thought he’d made a connection. As I’ve since found out, there was some documented evidence available at the time of my son’s death suggesting that there were links between the DPT vaccine and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS for short. The death certificate had put my son’s death down to SIDS.


Craig’s death was a devastating blow to my family, weakening us for a few more blows to come. After the death, my wife went to her mother’s for a few weeks. I felt left alone and didn’t help our situation by drowning out the grief in a fairly common manner.
After weeks at her mothers, my wife bravely returned home to the house where our son had died. Just a few more weeks after this she fell pregnant. Due to our fragile mental states after Craig’s death, everyone was concerned (including myself) about whether we were able to cope. Surviving on my redundancy money and a bit of agency work, I could barely cope with a job, let alone my wife’s pregnancy and another baby.
Not many weeks after the pregnancy announcement, I regret that I was still blotting out my sorrow and grief on a night out. I had an intuitive feeling to return home early. It’s a good job I acted on this as, when I got home, the doors were locked, there was no reply upon knocking and I couldn’t get in. Upon looking through the letterbox, I saw smoke in the house. It was difficult to break into the front, so I went around the back, forced the window open and got into the kitchen. The smoke was coming from a frying pan left on the hob. I opened the living room door to find my wife lying unconscious on the floor. As I could get no response from her, I called an ambulance. I rushed upstairs to thankfully find my two year old daughter safely in my wife’s bed. Next to my daughter was a bag of ice. As it had not melted, this informed me that my wife had not been unconscious for very long and I later found out that she had made up the ice bag to ease the pain of a severe headache.
I’m not a particularly religious person, but I thank God that I returned home when I did as the smouldering frying pan could have caused a fire that might have taken my whole family.
It turned out that my wife had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage. She was operated upon and began a slow recovery over several years. It took months for her to learn to walk again and for her speech to properly recover. Even to this day, although she looks quite fit, she isn’t fully the person she was prior to the haemorrhage. My wife being incapacitated was another devastating blow to our family on top of my son’s death, my job loss and the theft of my car which I forgot to mention earlier. In a way we were fortunate that the outcome wasn’t any worse as my pregnant wife and daughter could firstly have been destroyed in the potential fire and secondly, my wife and unborn baby could have died if it wasn’t for the skills of the Oxford Radcliffe Infirmary surgeon. The reason for mentioning this part of the story is because I believe that my wife’s haemorrhage was brought on by the stress of my son’s death.
My second son was born and life was a struggle, but over the years, we all pulled ourselves together and things improved, particularly after we moved away from the house that held so many bad memories.
A child’s death is something that alters the course of your life forever, but we managed to get over it as best we could. Of course we often thought of Craig and wondered what he would be doing now had he survived, but I didn’t delve too deeply into finding any more answers, partly because my wife still found it too emotionally painful to be reminded of it.


In the spring and summer of 2009 there was much media panic regarding Swine Flu. A friend informed me that he metaphorically smelled a large rat concerning the flu and vaccination advice, so we took note of the mainstream media stories and gathered as much information as we could from the internet. We were surprised to learn that Swine Flu had only been classed as a pandemic because the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) had drastically lowered the threshold at which a disease can be classed as pandemic (!  ) We also learnt that several CEOs and directors of large pharmaceutical companies sit on the board of the WHO. Surely this is a conflict of interests considering that large drug corporations are primarily profit making companies. It’s logical to assume that it might be in their interest to perpetuate illness, as illness is required to sell their remedies, drugs and vaccinations so that profit can be made, keeping them afloat and feed the share-holders etc. I hope that you don’t find my opinion too cynical.
The usual timescale for development and production of flu vaccine is almost a year, but Swine Flu vaccine was produced in a much shorter time meaning that it could not have properly been tested on humans before release to the general public. I was concerned over rumours of the possibility of compulsory vaccinations, particularly for schoolchildren, so I wrote to my children’s school to let them know that this would be completely unacceptable to me, were this to happen. I backed up the letter with a few vaccine facts that drug companies, GPs and mainstream media fail to tell you.
Some of the information I drew from “ Adverse Effects Of Adjuvants In Vaccines” by Dr Viera Scheibner Ph.D. This can be found at . From this I learnt that many vaccines contain highly toxic chemicals known as adjuvants. Adjuvants are supposed to stimulate and magnify the body’s immune system in response to the bug for which it needs to make anti-bodies for, therefore creating an immunity to it. Aluminium compounds, mercury, formaldehyde, and an anti-freeze component called phenoxyethanol are just some of the highly toxic chemicals used. What the doctors don’t tell you is that these chemicals can have severe reactions in some people, including death. Also, many reactions go completely un-recorded, as with my son. Although the official incidence of serious adverse reaction to DPT vaccine is 1 in 1750, this only accounts for reactions not long after vaccination and doesn’t include reactions that may occur in the longer term. An interesting statistic I found ( ) is that 70% of SIDS occur within three weeks of Pertussis vaccination. Pertussis being the P in DPT. Reactions with the numerous other vaccinations that children receive in their early years are also not accounted for. It’s believed by some doctors that, in some cases, a child’s immune system is over-whelmed as they usually receive vaccinations well into double figures while they are still in their infancy. is a site containing a few facts and figures about this, along with much more vaccine information and references. My son’s death was never officially recorded as being linked to vaccination so I wonder how many others like him are damaged or now deceased. I believe that if the true figures were known then the official statistics of vaccine reactions could be far, far higher.
Viera Scheibner writes that, “despite conflicting results [as to their effectiveness], aluminium compounds are universally used as adjuvants for the DPT vaccine.” Schreibner then goes on to say, “The killed Bordella Pertussis has a strong adjuvant effect on the Diphtheria and Tetanus toxoids in the DPT vaccines. However, there are a number of admitted and well-described reactions to it, such as convulsion, infantile spasms, epilepsy, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Reye syndrome, Giulain-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis and cerebral ataxia. Needless to say, the casual link to it is often (even though not always) vehemently disputed and generally considered “coincidental”.
Craig had officially died of SIDS and I was also interested to read of the cerebral ataxia link to the DPT vaccine as the swelling of my son’s brain had lead to his death. Reyes syndrome also includes brain swelling, loss of consciousness and sometimes death, while the other mentioned conditions severely affect the nervous system.
Scheibner’s study then goes on to criticise the amount of vaccines given and the damage that can be caused to the body, including auto-immune responses, whereby the body creates anti-bodies that attack itself. This can be caused by substances in the vaccine that are similar to naturally occurring substances in the body such as Squalene. Squalene has been implicated in Gulf War Syndrome and is a component of Swine Flu vaccines.
I learnt from some other websites (including ) that in the 1970s the Japanese government paid out compensation to 57 cases of damage from DPT vaccine and compensation for 37 deaths. They then deferred infant DPT vaccinations until two years of age which led to a 90% reduction in cases of damage and death.

Quote – Raymond Obomsawin, M.D. – “Delay of DPT immunisation until 2 years of age in Japan has resulted in a dramatic decline in adverse side effects. In the period of 1970-1974, when DPT vaccination was begun at 3 to 5 months of age, the Japanese national compensation system paid out claims for 57 permanent severe damage vaccine cases, and 37 deaths. During the ensuing six year period 1975-1980, when DPT injections were delayed to 24 months of age, severe reactions from the vaccine were reduced to a total of eight with three deaths. This represents an 85 to 90 percent reduction in severe cases of damage and death.”
In 1986, the family of a boy left severely brain damaged by DPT vaccine was awarded $4.5 million ( ). The centre for disease control in Atlanta USA estimate that one in 310,000 DPT vaccines result in brain damage. In my opinion, I think that this figure is probably higher due to many incidences not being attributed to the vaccine.
Numerous accounts of SIDS following DPT vaccination can be found on the internet. One such site, also containing some interesting statistics is . contains more interesting DPT vaccine facts and figures, including the belief of some that the vaccine can also be linked to autism. Andrew Wakefields research on links between MMR vaccine and autism is always worth a mention. Wakefield was struck off by the General Medical Council, not because his research was flawed, but because of the unorthodox methods with which he obtained his results. These results have never been proven to be inaccurate.!


This part of the story concerns my efforts to build a stronger case in proving that the DPT vaccine was responsible for Craig’s death.
With the passing of time, I wasn’t totally sure that a vaccination had been given shortly before his death. I’d begun to doubt my own memories. All babies are given a red health book upon birth that should also serve as a vaccination record. Unfortunately we had mislaid the book upon moving house. To be sure about the date of the vaccination and the accuracy of my belief that the DPT vaccination was responsible for my son’s death, in August 2009 I wrote to the GP practice that Craig had been registered with. They replied a few weeks later saying that they have no access to his records, as when a patient dies, the records are returned to the primary care trust. They are then destroyed after ten years. It went on to say, “ However, records of immunisations are held by Child Services at the local general hospital for twenty years.”

Proof One.
I wrote to the hospital asking for any records they might hold. In the letter I explained that I needed confirmation of the vaccination dates as, due to losing the red book, I therefore had no record of it. I was given the option of also seeing Craig’s hospital admission medical records which I eventually paid to see at a later stage. I eventually received a vaccination record in February 2010 in which they also apologised for the delay. This informed me that the first stage DPT vaccine was given on 14/3/95 and second stage on 11/4/95. To my surprise, there was not another entry for the third stage of the vaccine shortly before Craig’s death on 19/5/95. (Death date recorded as 24-5-1995 although we believe he was actually dead on the 19th, although his heart was re-started and he was then reliant on life support.)

Proof Three. - Copy

Proof Two..jpg

Although I’d felt sure about it before, I now thought that perhaps I’d been mistaken and my memories had been clouded with the passing of time. This dead end left me feeling frustrated for a few months, but then in the summer of 2010 we relocated Craig’s red book. The book confirmed that Craig had received the third stage DPT vaccine on 16/5/95. This was three days before my wife found our lifeless son in his cot on 19/5/95.

Proof Four. - Copy
I was rather angry about this, feeling that the Child Services and medical records department may have purposely deceived me by providing incomplete information. It crossed my mind that they might have done this to prevent me from pursuing it further as I’d told them in a previous email that I had no family record of Craig’s vaccinations. I contacted them again and they said that they had no record of any other vaccination so could I provide evidence that there was one. I sent them a photocopy of the vaccination record as marked on the red book.
It took until November 3rd 2010 to receive any correspondence back. This stated that the medical records department had now found a record of the DPT vaccine given three days prior to Craig’s death.

Proof Six. - Copy

In the letter they apologised for the delay and said that the details provided were obtained from the GP’s surgery.

Proof Five. - Copy

I thought this very odd as I’d previously received a letter from the GP stating that they “do not” have my son’s vaccination records. It appeared to me that someone, somewhere had not been telling me the truth. Whether it was the records department or the GP surgery I might never know. If not a bureaucratic error, as I’m sure they’d claim, then the other likely explanation is a series of deceptions to prevent me from getting to the truth. Make of it whatever you will.


I certainly believe the DPT vaccine was the root cause of my son’s death. Because of the life he didn’t have, and the devastation caused to my family since, I’ve felt a need to share my account with the world so that others can be given the chance to hear the side of the vaccination story that most doctors, the government and pharmaceutical corporations don’t tell you. I hope that readers will look into it to give themselves a chance to make a better informed choice before they consent to the vaccination of their children.
My wife and I were never made aware of the risks attached and the vaccination connection was never admitted or recorded as a factor upon his death. I’d considered making a compensation claim for the loss of my son’s life and the severe stress and suffering my family had to endure as a result. I didn’t do this for several reasons. The first was that, as far as I’m aware, there have been no test cases in the UK for deaths caused by DPT vaccine and secondly I didn’t want to subject my family to any more stress that it would have undoubtedly have caused. Thirdly, I was going to contact the paediatrician who dealt with my son and present him with my findings. Unfortunately this line of enquiry is off, and he cannot back my story as it turns out that he passed away a couple of years after the death of my son. Had there been a compensation claim, it wouldn’t have been about the money (though I could put it to good use), but it would have been a horse to help me expose the truth to the wider world. Money could never compensate for the loss of a healthy life or the devastating damage that my family suffered.
The truth as I see it is that pharmaceutical corporations make vast amounts of money from vaccinations. Strings are pulled through the pyramid of power to effectively suppress and minimise the release of negative information and publicity regarding their effectiveness and potential danger.
I wonder how many children’s lives are damaged or terminated from unrecorded adverse vaccine reactions and how many family lives are severely upset as a result. Whether it was through ignorance, misinformation or lies on the part of others, my wife and I spent fifteen years beating ourselves up and searching ourselves for possible error. A healthy baby’s life was taken and I wonder why I was not informed that vaccination could have had a hand in his death. Was this by accident, or design on the part of the health professionals involved? Surely someone should have recognised and investigated the potential link.
At the very least, parents should be better informed about the negative consequences of vaccination as well as the positives, so that they can make a properly informed choice. My enquiries have taken our family a little closer to the truth, and I hope that others might heed the educated words of wisdom I quote from Dr Viera Scheibner Ph.D who says, “ Vaccination is the single most prevalent and preventable cause of sudden infant deaths.”